Doug Forsyth

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A system is described which automatically identifies cephalometric landmarks on digital cephalometric radiographs. The accuracy of the automated system in identifying nineteen cephalometric landmarks is assessed. The accuracy obtained with the automated system is less than that of manual tracing. The automated system has particular difficulty in identifying(More)
In modern orthodontic practice great reliance is placed on systematic and objective methods of characterizing craniofacial forms, using measurements based on both hard and soft tissue landmarks. Lateral skull X-ray images are routinely used in cephalometric analysis to provide quantitative measurements useful to clinical orthodontists. It is argued that a(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the diagnostic quality of conventional cephalometric radiographs with that of digital image counterparts. The random error associated with angular and linear measurements recorded on the digital images was greater than on the conventional radiographs. In addition, there was a systematic error producing statistically(More)
The U.S. government operates seven radar networks providing weather and aircraft surveillance for public weather services, air traffic control, and homeland defense. A next-generation, multifunction-phased-arrayradar (MPAR) concept has been proposed that could provide enhanced weather and aircraft surveillance services with potentially lower life-cycle(More)
Digital imaging has several potential advantages over traditional cephalometry. These include storage, transmission, and enhancement of images, reduced exposure to radiation for patients, and the possibility of automated cephalometric analysis. This paper outlines some of these advantages, discusses the limitations of digital imaging and suggests possible(More)
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