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Learning methods vary in the optimism or pessimism with which they regard the informativeness of learned knowledge. Pessimism is implicit in hypothesis testing, where we wish to draw cautious conclusions from experimental evidence. However, this paper demonstrates that optimism in the utility of derived rules may be the preferred bias for learning systems(More)
BACKGROUND Schools can address critical sexual and reproductive health (SRH) issues among youth. However, little is known about SRH education being implemented in charter schools. Thus, our purpose was to explore implementation of SRH education in charter schools. METHODS Using purposive sampling, semistructured telephone interviews were conducted with 20(More)
We investigate the problem of keeping the plans of multiple agents synchronized during execution. We assume that agents only have a partial view of the overall plan. They know the tasks they must perform, and know the tasks of other agents with whom they have direct dependencies. Initially, agents are given a schedule of tasks to perform together with a(More)
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