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Case-based reasoning (CBR) solves new problems by retrieving records of similar past problem solving episodes and adapting the prior solutions to t the current situation. While the retrieval phase of CBR has been explored with success by past models, developing e ective algorithms for automated adaptation remains an open problem. The central hypothesis of(More)
Case-based reasoning (CBR) is an arti cial intelligence methodology that uses speci c encapsulated prior experiences as a basis for reasoning about similar new situations. CBR systems rely on various \knowledge containers," such as the casebase of prior experiences and similarity criteria for comparing situations and retrieving the most relevant cases.(More)
The storage capacity and the cost of the storage devises gives raise to voluminous music collection management. Various MIR techniques exist, but getting the required songs from large collection of music files, is still a challenging problem. Getting the required songs from voluminous collection with good recall and precision depends on good annotation,(More)
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