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Enzymes in culture filtrates of Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn grown using 4-day old or 20-day old bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) hypocotyl cell walls as a carbon source degraded xylan, galactan, galactomannan, araban, polygalacturonic acid, and carboxymethylcellulose. Extracts of lesions from R. solani infected plants, but not healthy plants, contained similar(More)
The pectate lyase (PL; EC secreted by the plant pathogen Erwinia chrysanthemi is induced and catabolite repressed by different concentrations of its own product, digalacturonic acid 4,5-unsaturated at the nonreducing end [u(GalUA)(2)]. Both activities of u(GalUA)(2) depend on its cleavage by oligogalacturonide lyase (OGL; EC This(More)
We investigated the relative effects of self-recording of attentive behavior and self-recording of academic productivity with 5 upper elementary-aged special education students in their special education classroom. Following baseline, both self-recording treatments were introduced according to a multielement design. After the multielement phase, we assessed(More)
ii Bulletin 289 is a publication in the Southern Cooperative Series and, as such, is in effect a separate publication by each of the cooperating Agricultural Experiment Stations listed below. Thus, it may be mailed under the frank and indicia of each. Requests for copies from outside the cooperating states may be addressed to the iii FOREWORD Over the past(More)
Pectic enzymes in the supernatants of Erwinia chrysanthemi cultures in late-logarithmic-phase growth on D-galacturonan were resolved into three components: two pectate lyase isozymes and an exo-poly-alpha-D-galacturonosidase previously unreported in this organism. The hydrolytic enzyme was purified to homogeneity by ammonium sulfate fractionation,(More)
The growing use of email and the world wide web (WWW), by the public, academics, and clinicians-as well as the increasing availability of high quality information on the WWW-make a working knowledge of the internet important. Although this article aims to enhance readers' existing use of the internet and medical resources on the WWW, it is also intelligible(More)