Doug Bateman

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Metoclopramide is rapidly and well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, and in man undergoes variable first-pass metabolism (oral bioavailability 32 to 100%). In man, N-4 sulphate conjugation is an important pathway of metabolism and after oral administration the ratio of free to conjugated metoclopramide in urine correlates with the plasma AUC. The(More)
The pharmacokinetics and effects of prazosin have been studied after intravenous and oral dosing (1 mg) to 6 normal male volunteers. The mean terminal (β) half-life was 2.9 h after intravenous and oral routes. Oral bioavailability was 56.9%. The effects of prazosin on blood pressure were more pronounced after intravenous than oral administration, and the(More)
The effects of the benzamide cisapride (C) (8 mg) i.v. have been compared to placebo (P) in a double blind randomised study. The effects on gastric emptying, the absorption and effects of oral diazepam, and BP and pulse were observed. Cisapride increased the rate of gastric emptying of 500 ml liquid containing diazepam 10 mg (t1/2 C: 7.4 min, P: 14.9 min).(More)
1 The pharmacokinetics of metoclopramide have been studied in eight normal male volunteers. 2 The mean plasma beta half-life was 156.7 min after i.v. administration of 10 mg metoclopramide. 3 After oral dosing of 10 mg the mean half-life was 196.6 min and after 20 mg 317.5 min (P less than 0.05). 4 Bioavailability of a 10 mg oral dose of metoclopramide(More)
1. The effects of meal temperature and volume on the emptying of liquid meals have been studied in eight normal volunteers. Four drinks were investigated: (i) 200 ml, 12 degrees C, (ii) 200 ml, 37 degrees C, (iii) 500 ml, 12 degrees C, (iv) 500 ml, 37 degrees C. Gastric emptying was measured by real-time ultrasound. 2. After an initial rapid phase of(More)
The pharmacokinetics of metoclopramide have been studied in nine children receiving the drug as prophylaxis for cytotoxic induced vomiting. Plasma concentrations of metoclopramide have also been studied in three children with dystonic reactions to the drug. The pharmacokinetics in children were similar to those reported in healthy adults. There was no(More)
The effects of astemizole (10 mg daily for 7 days) on the kinetics and CNS depressant activity of ethanol have been examined in a double-blind cross-over study agonist placebo in 7 volunteers. There was no significant change in the elimination rate or AUC of the plasma ethanol concentration-time curve after astemizole. Central nervous system effects of(More)