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— Today's scientific applications demand computational resources that can be provided only by parallel clusters of computers. Storage subsystems have responded to the increased demand for high-throughput disk access by moving to network attached storage. Emerging Cyber-infrastructure strategies are leading to geographically distributed computing resources(More)
–Portals Direct I/O ("PDIO") is a special-purpose middleware infrastructure for writing data from compute processor memory on Portals-enabled compute nodes to remote agents anywhere on the WAN in real-time. The prototype implementation provided a means for aggregation of outgoing data through multiple load-balanced routing daemons, end-to-end parallel data(More)
Indiana University provides powerful compute, storage, and network resources to a diverse local and national research community every day. IU's facilities have been used to support data-intensive applications ranging from digital humanities to computational biology.For this year's bandwidth challenge, several IU researchers will conduct experiments from the(More)
" DMOVER " is a combination of three highly portable scripts and a network optimization specific to the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC). DMOVER provides users with a queue-oriented means for initiating large, parallel, inter-site data transfers that is expected to be familiar to all mainstream high-performance computing users. Its flexibility enables(More)
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