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The averaged evoked potential to brief tones was compared for 10 young and 10 elderly female subjects. The amplitudes of the sensory components (P1, N1 and P2) were not affected by an infrequent change in pitch of the tones or instructing subjects to count or ignore them; but overall the elderly had a larger P1 and smaller P2 amplitude and a difference in(More)
For many RNA viruses, relatively recent times of origin of extant viruses are implied by the high rate of substitution observed in longitudinal studies. However, extrapolation of short-term rates of substitution can give misleading estimates of times of divergence. We show here that the common ancestor of different types of hepatitis C virus (HCV) is older(More)
In a previous paper a method for simulating the electric potentials on the surface of the brain was introduced. This method consisted of the construction of a layer of radially oriented current dipoles in a conducting sphere that simulated the head so that the voltages generated by the layer would take the values measured on the surface of the medium (the(More)
Using neuropsychological testing procedures, we measured the behavioral characteristics of patients with epilepsy unaffected by anticonvulsant drugs and compared these results with control subjects matched for age, sex, and education. In a nationwide VA Cooperative study, 622 patients with well-defined seizure types were given a selected battery of(More)
Variants of hepatitis C virus (HCV) have been classified by nucleotide sequence comparisons in different regions of the genome. Many investigators have defined the ranges of sequence similarity values or evolutionary distances corresponding to divisions of HCV into types, subtypes and isolates. Using these criteria, novel variants of HCV from Vietnam,(More)
The purpose of the present study was to examine the relationships between absolute and body mass-normalized rapid isometric torque variables and vertical jump (VJ) performance of the leg extensors and flexors in elite National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Bowl Subdivision collegiate American football players. Thirty-one players(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a fatigue-inducing bout of submaximal, intermittent isometric contractions on the electromechanical delay (EMD) of the leg extensors and flexors in young and old men. Twenty young (mean ± SD: age = 25 ± 2.8 years) and sixteen old (age = 70.8 ± 3.8) recreationally active men performed maximal(More)
A prospective study of pseudoseizures using prolonged video-electroencephalographic (EEG) recording was carried out in 60 patients. Of 33 patients with episodes of uncertain mechanism, a diagnosis based on recorded episodes was made in 18 (55%). Twelve (36%) had pseudoseizures; 6 (18%) had epileptic seizures. Ten additional patients had epileptiform EEGs(More)
The safety and efficacy of zonisamide (ZNS), a new antiepileptic drug, was tested in 167 adult participants who entered a historical-controlled 16-week open label, multicenter study. The median percent reduction from baseline of partial seizures was 51.8% in the fourth month of the study (baseline median = 11.5 sz/month; treatment weeks 13-16 = 5.5(More)