Doug Arnold

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OBJECTIVES The primary goal of this study was to test the ability of 2f1-f2 distortion-product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs) to detect reduced cochlear function in the presence of normal behavioral sensitivity. DESIGN A prospective study was performed in normal-hearing young adults using simple and complex regression analyses to clarify the relationship(More)
The normal method for representing ana-phoric dependencies in Unification Based grammar tbrmalisms is that of re-entrance. In this paper, we address the problems that this representational device poses when such formalisms are used for translation. We demonstrate the inadequacies of existing proposals, and describe an approach which exploits the expressive(More)
1 Introduction Substantial formal grammatical and lexical resources exist in various NLP systems and in the form of textbook specifications. In the present paper we report on experimental results obtained in manual , semi-antomatic and automatic migration of entire computational or textbook descriptions (as opposed to a more informal reuse of ideas or the(More)
1 Introduction In this day an age, some corpus linguistics should be part of every course to do with language. But learning about corpus linguistics-its possibilities and limitations-is not just a matter of acquiring information. The best way to learn about corpus linguistics is to do it, and the best way to teach corpus linguistics is to put students into(More)