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According to a 'radical orphanage' approach, non-restrictive relative clauses are not part of the syntactic representation of the sentence that contains them. It is an appealing view, and seems to capture some important properties of non-restrictive relative clauses. This paper aims to show that the appeal of such approaches is illusory, focusing mainly on(More)
Several scholars, most notably Matt Baum, have recently argued that soft news formats contribute to democratic discourse, because they attract viewers who would otherwise not be exposed to news at all. I extend Baum's approach in two ways. First, Baum's theory postulates that people's appreciation of entertainment is one of the factors determining news(More)
1 Abstract Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG) f-structures are \high-level" syntactic representations ; Quasi-Logical Forms (QLFs) and Underspeciied Discourse Representation Structures (UDRSs) are recent underspeciied and truth-conditionally interpreted semantic representations. It turns out that there are a number of striking structural similarities between(More)
1 The work reported here was funded partly by the European Network in Language and Speech (ELSNET) and partly by the University of Essex. We are grateful to everyone who took the time to ll in the questionnaires we sent out. Their names can be found in appendix C and section 4 below. Thanks also to Peter A. Schmidt for permission to reproduce the contents(More)