Doug Andrews

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Burnout is a phenomenon in which the cumulative effects of a stressful work environment gradually overwhelm the defenses of staff members, forcing them to psychologically withdraw. To understand the experience of professional and paraprofessional nurses suffering from burnout requires a close examination of the environments in which they function. This(More)
Major self-mutilation (MSM) is a rare but catastrophic complication of severe mental illness. Most people who inflict MSM have a psychotic disorder, usually a schizophrenia spectrum psychosis. It is not known when in the course of psychotic illness, MSM is most likely to occur. In this study, the proportion of patients in first episode of psychosis (FEP)(More)
The purpose of the present paper was to identify, from the voluminous literature on efficacy and safety in new-generation antidepressants (NGAs) with depressed children and adolescents, practical clinical strategies for acute phase treatment. To this end a pragmatic survey of studies and reviews was undertaken. Meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials(More)
We determined the after-tax income required to finance basic needs for Canadian elders living with different circumstances in terms of age, gender, city of residence, household size, homeowner or renter status, means of transportation, and health status. Using 2001 as our base year, we priced the typical expenses for food, shelter, medical, transportation,(More)
A number of surveys have reported that those who work in emergency departments (EDs) experience high levels of violence and aggression. Some suggest that 100% of emergency department nurses have, at some time, experienced workplace violence. This report summarises those data and highlights the under-reporting of violent incidents occurring in emergency(More)
Our research undertakes to determine the basic living expenses required by Canadian seniors living in different circumstances in terms of age, gender, city of residence, household size, homeowner or renter, means of transportation and health status. The paper develops required expenses for food, shelter, health care, transportation and miscellaneous. The(More)
The purpose of the present paper was to describe the circumstances and phenomenology of patients who remove or pierce their eyes or orbits during psychotic illness. In particular, the aim was to determine if patients in their first-episode psychosis (FEP) carry an increased risk of self-inflicted eye injury when compared to patients with previously treated(More)
Sodium dichloroacetate (DCA) has been studied as a metabolic cancer therapy since 2007, based on a publication from Bonnet et al demonstrating that DCA can induce apoptosis (programmed cell death) in human breast, lung and brain cancer cells. Classically, the response of cancer to a medical therapy in human research is measured by Response Evaluation(More)