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In captive common marmoset groups, the reproductive inhibition observed in subordinate female seems to be a result of olfactory, visual and behavioral cues from the dominant female. However, few studies have examined the relationship among adult males living in the same social group. These studies have shown that reproductive failure among peer males seems(More)
This article reports the characterization of mesoporous Nb2O5 synthesized by the sol-gel method for application in photocatalysis. The emerging contaminant methylviologen was employed for photocatalytic tests. Parameters inherent to the synthesis process, such as stirring rate, aging temperature, and calcination temperature, were employed for a range of(More)
A detailed redescription of Gyropus parvus (Insecta: Phthiraptera: Amblycera: Gyropidae) is given based on specimens collected from the type host, Ctenomys colburni Allen 1903 , and the type locality, Estancia Huanuluán, Provincia de Rio Negro, Argentina. We expand and provide new chaetotaxy. New scanning electron microscopy images showing microstructural(More)
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