Doubravka Málková

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Sera collected from several migratory birds of the Danube Delta, from humans and domestic birds and animals of three Romanian counties were tested by hemagglutination-inhibition reaction for the presence of antibodies to Yaba 1--Lednice 110 virus. Antibodies could be detected in only 8 of the 14 species of migratory birds included in the study, especially(More)
Young pheasants (24-hour- and 7-day-old) are capable of producing viraemia and antibodies after experimental infection with Lednice virus even after low doses of virus (0.7-0.9 log mouse LD50/g). Viraemia lasts approximately 3 days, but the titres of virus in the blood are low. The possible role of young pheasants in the circulation of virus in nature is(More)