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In this paper it puts forward and studies a new kind 6 PUS-UPS/UPU parallel manipulator. The mechanical structure is simple, and can achieve high rigidity, high precision machining and can also be used to vision measure and force control research, redundant control study. Firstly, the degree of freedom about the parallel manipulator is analyzed by using the(More)
In this paper, a novel 6-PUS/UPU parallel manipulator is presented. The kinematics of the parallel manipulator is analyzed firstly. Then a PID control system is actualized on the manipulator based on the results of kinematics analysis, and the debug results are verified. The work in this paper has significance for the application of the manipulator.
By the kinematics simulation of the 6PUS-UPS/UPU parallel mechanism, it is found that, under some specific pose, the load of the parallel mechanism is undertook completely by two of the links. This paper proposes that, except the singular configuration of the parallel mechanism, there is also a specific pose under which the decrease of load capacity is(More)
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