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STUDY DESIGN A randomized, prospective clinical study was conducted that included 119 patients with chronic neck pain of greater than 3 months' duration. OBJECTIVES To compare the relative effectiveness of intensive training of the cervical musculature, a physiotherapy treatment regimen, and chiropractic treatment on this patient group. SUMMARY OF(More)
AIMS This study aims to investigate older people's perceptions of and coping with falls, and what motivates them to join such programmes. METHOD We used semi-structured interviews to collect data on 14 individuals (65 years +) who contacted an emergency department because they had fallen. Data were analyzed using a phenomenographic approach that traces(More)
INTRODUCTION Quality of care provided to people with chronic conditions does not often fulfil standards of care in Denmark and in other countries. Inadequate organisation of healthcare systems has been identified as one of the most important causes for observed performance inadequacies, and providing integrated healthcare has been identified as an important(More)
INTRODUCTION Although several measurement instruments have been developed to measure the level of integrated health care delivery, no standardised, validated instrument exists covering all aspects of integrated care. The purpose of this review is to identify the instruments concerning how to measure the level of integration across health-care sectors and to(More)
BACKGROUND Disease management programmes have been developed for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to facilitate the integration of care across healthcare settings. The purpose of the present study was to examine the experiences of COPD patients and their relatives of integrated care after implementation of a COPD disease management programme. (More)
INTRODUCTION Despite rehabilitation programmes offered to all patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes in Denmark, a number of patients either never accomplish good diabetes regulation or the regulation deteriorates with time. Therefore, new approaches are needed. The aim of the present study is to examine whether telemedicine conferences with a nurse(More)
BACKGROUND Prevalences of multimorbidity vary between European studies and several methods and definitions are used. In this study we examine the prevalence of multimorbidity in relation to age, gender and educational attainment and the association between physical and mental health conditions and educational attainment in a Danish population. METHODS A(More)
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