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Results We found management ranging from no treatment (n=6) to antihistamine (n=3), corticosteroids (n=3), antibiotics (n=1), NON-SAIDs (n=3), heparin (n=2) and opioids (n=1). We found the most aggressive intervention was administrated in the two cases of highest level of severity. In cases of nil (n=5) or mild (n=3) affection only two were treated and both(More)
Correct treatment of adder bites can reduce morbidity. We aim at creating an evidence-based guideline on pre- and in-hospital treatment of bites by the European adder (Vipera berus). Pre-hospital treatment consists of reassurance, immobilisation, elevation and paracetamol for pain. Icepacks, oral suction and tourniquets should be avoided. In-hospital(More)
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