Dorsaf Mohsen

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INTRODUCTION Fahr's syndrome is characterized by symmetrical and bilateral intracerebral calcifications, located in the basal ganglia and mostly associated with a phosphorus calcium metabolism disorder. It must be distinguished from genetic or sporadic Fahr's disease. OBSERVATIONS We report two cases of this syndrome, the first was revealed by psychotic(More)
BACKGROUND TINU syndrome is a rare entity known Dobrin disease, combining uveitis mostly bilateral and recurrent with acute tubulo interstitial nephritis (AIN) occurring in young adults. The etiology and pathogenesis of this syndrome remain unknown. AIM To report a new case of TINU syndrome and to discuss its etiopathogenesis. CASE REPORT This 33 year(More)
De nombreuses pathologies ont été associées à la maladie cœliaque (MC). L'association avec un syndrome de Gougerot Sjogren (SGS) a rarement été rapportée, mais une association due au simple hasard ne peut être exclue. Dans ce cas, le risque d'oncogenèse est double et une surveillance régulière s'impose. Pan African Medical Journal. 2015; 22:33(More)
BACKGROUND The cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is most often asymptomatic, serious forms are confined to immunocompromised. AIM We report a new case of post-transfusionnel hepatitis CMV of fatal outcome. CASE A 83 year old man, asthmatic known for 26 years treated by corticosteroids, without particular hepatic antecedents, has presented an acute(More)