Dorrit Inbar

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This study examines the attitudes of 176 Israel Defense Forces officers toward combat stress reaction (CSR) in four areas: (1) the degree of personal responsibility the officer accepts for the treatment of the CSR casualty; (2) the type of treatment the officer views as most effective for CSR; (3) the officer's willingness to accept the CSR casualty's(More)
It is widely accepted that learning first involves generating new memories and then consolidating them into long-term memory. Thus learning is generally viewed as a single continuous process with two sequential stages; acquisition and consolidation. Here, we tested an alternative hypothesis proposing that acquisition and consolidation take place, at least(More)
Neurons in the motor areas of cortex play a key role in associating sensory instructions with movements. However, their ability to acquire and maintain representations of novel stimulus features, especially when these features are behaviorally relevant, remains unknown. We investigated neuronal changes in these areas during and after associative learning,(More)
Correct localization of epileptic foci can improve surgical outcome in patients with drug-resistant seizures. Our aim was to demonstrate that systemically injected nanoparticles identify activated immune cells, which have been reported to accumulate in epileptogenic brain tissue. Fluorescent and magnetite-labeled nanoparticles were injected intravenously to(More)
Some motor tasks, if learned together, interfere with each other's consolidation and subsequent retention, whereas other tasks do not. Interfering tasks are said to employ the same internal model whereas noninterfering tasks use different models. The division of function among internal models, as well as their possible neural substrates, are not well(More)
The Fv fragment derived from mouse myeloma protein 315 possessing anti-dinitrophenyl (DNP) activity, is composed of two subunits, the peptide chain VL and VH. In 8 M urea there is a complete dissociation of VL and VH and an approximately twofold increase in the fluorescence emission of Fv with a characteristic red shift of 11 nm. Upon dilution of Fv from 8(More)
Protein 315, a mouse myeloma IgA protein which binds nitrophenyl ligands, and its pepsin-produced Fab’ fragment have been purified by affinity chromatography. The Fab’ fragments were found to be homogeneous by polyacrylamide electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing, and to possess a uniform binding constant. These fragments were readily crystallizable at(More)