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Features of practical argument engagement
Abstract Comprehending teachers’ intentions and reasons for what they are doing in their teaching practice is one way to interpret what they know. Unless we understand their intentions and reasons weExpand
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Bildung -centred Didaktik: A framework for examining the educational potential of subject matter
Teacher education in the USA lacks a coherent approach for considering the problems of the curriculum within classroom work. In general, preservice teachers are taught to begin thinking ofExpand
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The Use of Practical Arguments in Clarifying and Changing Practical Reasoning and Classroom Practices: Two Cases.
La reflexion menee par l'A. sur les croyances des enseignants concernant les theories d'apprentissage et d'enseignement, permet d'evaluer les influences de ces croyances dans la construction d'unExpand
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Literature as a Source of Information and Values
Stories create opportunities for readers to consider values that guide human action in both the imaginary context of the story and the real context of their lives, Mr. Estes and Ms. Vasquez-LevyExpand
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Teacher Rationales for Scoring Students' Problem Solving Work.
This article presents the scores teachers assigned to samples of actual students' problem-solving work and the rationales teachers provided for these scores. These rationales may reflect teachers'Expand
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Diffusion of Educational Technology: Teaching and Collaborative Education
A new classroom is emerging as teaching styles influence the use of instructional technology across a distance. This paper discusses interactive technology from the instructors' point of view, in theExpand