Dorothy T. Nguyen

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New protein parameters are reported for the all-atom empirical energy function in the CHARMM program. The parameter evaluation was based on a self-consistent approach designed to achieve a balance between the internal (bonding) and interaction (nonbonding) terms of the force field and among the solvent-solvent, solvent-solute, and solute-solute(More)
Accommodation and convergence systems are cross-coupled so that stimulation of one system produces responses by both systems. Ideally, the cross-coupled responses of accommodation and convergence match their respective stimuli. When expressed in diopters and meter angles, respectively, stimuli for accommodation and convergence are equal in the mid-sagittal(More)
A hybrid numerical method, which employs molecular mechanics to describe the bulk of the solvent-protein matrix and a semiempirical quantum-mechanical treatment for atoms near the reactive site, was utilized to simulate the minimum energy surface and reaction pathway for the interconversion of malate and oxaloacetate catalyzed by the enzyme malate(More)
ZFY, a sex-related Zn-finger protein encoded by the human Y chromosome, is distinguished from the general class of Zn-finger proteins by the presence of a two-finger repeat. Whereas odd-numbered domains and linkers fit a general consensus, even-numbered domains and linkers exhibit systematic differences. Because this alternation may have fundamental(More)
The enzyme creatine kinase (CK) is stabilized by encapsulation in silicate sol-gel monoliths. Its activity is measured as a function of long-term storage time at both room temperature and at elevated temperatures and is compared to that in solution. At room temperature, the activity of the encapsulated enzyme decreases to 50% of its initial value after more(More)
The aromatic 1H NMR resonances of the insulin monomer are assigned at 500 MHz by comparative studies of chemically modified and genetically altered variants, including a mutant insulin (PheB25----Leu) associated with diabetes mellitus. The two histidines, three phenylalanines, and four tyrosines are observed to be in distinct local environments; their(More)
Light-ion microbeams provide a unique opportunity to irradiate biological samples at the cellular level and to investigate radiobiological effects at low doses of high LET ionising radiation. Since 1998 a single-ion irradiation facility has been developed on the focused horizontal microbeam line of the CENBG 3.5 MV Van de Graaff accelerator. This setup(More)
Energetically favorable cation-π interactions play important roles in numerous molecular recognition processes in chemistry and biology. Herein, we present synergistic experimental and computational physical-organic chemistry studies on 2,6-diarylanilines that contain flanking meta/para-substituted aromatic rings adjacent to the central anilinium ion. A(More)
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