Dorothy Silverman

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This paper presents the operational concept for onboard processing for the HysIRI mission which is an Earth observing mission that includes both thermal infrared instrument and a hyperspectral visible/shortwave infrared instrument, and that is being considered for launch in the next decade. This article describes the potential application of AI techniques(More)
Isomerization of sugars is used in a variety of industrially relevant processes and in glycolysis. Here, we show that hydrophobic zeolite beta with framework tin or titanium Lewis acid centers isomerizes sugars, e.g., glucose, via reaction pathways that are analogous to those of metalloenzymes. Specifically, experimental and theoretical investigations(More)
Hyspiri is evaluating a X-band Direct Broadcast (DB) capability that would enable data to be delivered to ground stations virtually as it is acquired. However the HyspIRI VSWIR and TIR instruments will produce 1 Gbps data while the DB capability is 15 M bps for a ~60x oversubscription. In order to address this data volume mismatch a DB concept has been(More)
—Future NASA missions will have instruments that generate enormous amounts of data. We describe an onboard processing mission concept for a possible Direct Broadcast capability for the HyspIRI mission – a mission under consideration for launch in the next decade carrying visible to short wave infrared (VSWIR) and thermal infrared (TIR) instruments. The(More)
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