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The aim of this study was to determine the effects of positive and negative outcome imagery on golf-putting performance. Players of both high and low ability performed a golf-putting task in three imagery conditions: (a) a positive outcome imagery condition, (b) a negative outcome imagery condition and (c) a no-imagery control condition. The task was(More)
High-resolution phosphorous (31P)-NMR spectra of biological molecules provide detailed information about the metabolism of living systems. Although the NMR method is non-destructive, all studies so far, with two exceptions, have been carried out on excised, perfused organs and tissues or have required some form of surgery for in situ measurements. The use(More)
A five-capillary system has been developed for DNA sequencing and analysis. The post-column fluorescence detector is based on a sheath-flow cuvette. The instrument provides uniform and continuous illumination of the samples. The cuvette virtually eliminates cross-talk in the fluorescence signal between capillaries. Discrete single-photon counting avalanche(More)
In high-income countries, medical interventions to address the known risks associated with pregnancy and birth have been largely successful and have resulted in very low levels of maternal and neonatal mortality. In this Series paper, we present the main care delivery models, with case studies of the USA and Sweden, and examine the main drivers of these(More)
BACKGROUND Women in high resource nations are increasingly delaying childbearing until their thirties. Delayed childbearing poses challenges for the spacing of a woman's pregnancies. Inter-pregnancy intervals <12 months are associated with risk for adverse pregnancy outcome, yet increased maternal age at delivery is linked with increased risk. The optimal(More)
This study investigated the effects of generalized and domain-specific expectancies on participation in 8 weeks of step aerobic-exercise classes. 154 university students and staff who registered for step aerobic classes completed measures of aerobic self-efficacy and dispositional optimism prior to attending their first class. Attendance was taken at each(More)
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