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Catalase plays a major role in cellular antioxidant defense by decomposing hydrogen peroxide, thereby preventing the generation of hydroxyl radical by the Fenton reaction. The degree of catalase deficiency in acatalasemic and hypocatalasemic mice varies from tissue to tissue. They therefore may not be suitable for studying the function of this enzyme in(More)
To understand the physiological function of glutaredoxin, a thiotransferase catalyzing the reduction of mixed disulfides of protein and glutathione, we generated a line of knockout mice deficient in the cytosolic glutaredoxin 1 (Grx1). To our surprise, mice deficient in Grx1 were not more susceptible to acute oxidative insults in models of heart and lung(More)
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report presents the findings of ASHRAE research project RP-821; a field study of occupant comfort and office thermal environments in 12 mechanically ventilated office buildings in southern Quebec. This study is the third of a series of ASHRAE projects (RP-462 and RP-702) which investigated the indoor environment in temperate and(More)
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