Dorothy McCormick

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Working papers prepared in connection with this project by various members of the research team are available at: ecommerce.html The project team members are very grateful to the respondents from Bangladesh, Kenya and South Africa, and to the interviewees in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe who contributed their(More)
Cutaneous melanoma is highly immunogenic, yet primary melanomas and metastases develop successfully in otherwise immunocompetent patients. To investigate the local immunosuppressive microenvironment, we examined the presence of suppressor T lymphocytes and tolerising dendritic cells (DCs), the expression of immunosuppressive cytokines (IL-10, TGFbeta1 and(More)
Ð Using six case studies from Africa, this paper examines the theoretical argument that geographic and sectoral clustering enables enterprises to overcome constraints to growth and development. Findings were both theoretical and practical. Theoretically, the study underscored the strength of the collective eciency framework, but found that certain(More)
Nairobi's paratransit vehicles—called matatus—provide most of the City's public transport. They are operated as private for-profit businesses with varying levels of investment, labor, and strategic thinking. The vehicles are subject to regulation but have little regard for laws, regulations, or the comfort of the traveling public. Interviews of informed(More)
The rates of exocytosis on the lysosomal hydrolase n-acetyl-beta D-glucosaminidase and beta-glucuronidase were measured in monolayer cultures of the C-6 glioma cell line. A comparison of the kinetics of release of the enzymes and the effects of cytochalasin B suggest that either intralysosomal localisation or the mechanism of release may be different for(More)
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