Dorothy Helen Moore

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In the course of studying a biological phenomenon thought to be a precursor to chromosome breakage, researchers have found that treatments sometimes produce a higher proportion of "outliers" than do controls. Our examples pertain to smokers and patients undergoing chemotherapy, although the statistical methods developed here would apply to subjects exposed(More)
Precipitating agents of many varieties are employed to study the proteins of the blood in health and disease, giving rise to such reactions as the Takata-Ara, the Weltmann, the formol gel, and the albumin-globulin partitions by salting-out methods. More recently, the stability of certain colloidal suspensions in dilute serum has been used for a similar(More)
An alteration of the blood serum proteins in patients with catarrhal jaundice has been amply established by the development of a positive cephalin flocculation (1). A standard emulsion composed of cephalin and cholesterol, which remains stable in 0.2 ml. to 0.1 ml. normal serum, diluted 1: 21, tends to flocculate and precipitate when added under identical(More)
Investigation of the serum proteins in disease is handicapped by lack of clinically applicable methods for resolving the complex system of proteins present in blood serum into homogeneous components. The only fractionation now possible is into groups of proteins having like solubility characteristics or electrophoretic mobilities or sedimentation constants(More)
A case of multiple myeloma with hyperproteinemia has recently been observed in which there was obtained, by prolonged dialysis of the blood plasma against distilled water, a large quantity of viscous protein. The excessive quantity of this protein, and the absence of reports of a similar observation in multiple myeloma, with the exception which will be(More)