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This paper investigates the supposedly psychedelic Bufo toad and the allegedly psychedelic drug bufotenine, which is contained in the skin and glands of this toad. The bufo toad has held a place in human mythologies and medicines worldwide since archaic times. Used by ancient peoples for a variety of purposes, its most spectacular effects, according to(More)
Although physician support programs have gained in popularity in recent years, organizations must be careful to select the most effective mix of physician relations programs. A healthcare financial manager can help create a productive physician alliance program by analyzing physicians as strategic business units, providing financial and analytical support(More)
  • D Goldstein
  • 1995
Rigid adherence to generic models of integration often fails because healthcare executives and physicians have not laid a proper foundation for integration. A series of building blocks must be in place before an integrated delivery system can be properly implemented. These building blocks are essential for management of integrated systems so physicians,(More)
  • D Goldstein
  • 1997
Physician equity alliances are becoming attractive alternatives to PHOs as integrative models for partnering with physicians, securing managed care contracts and increasing revenue. Unlike many PHOs, these alliances provide mechanisms for asset integration and long-term relationships along with utilization management, sophisticated information systems,(More)
Conventional patient information systems generally ignore the characteristics of patients' residential communities in favor of individual characteristics. This omission precludes them from yielding information about issues of public health importance, i.e., the impact service organizations have on the communities they are supposed to serve. The University(More)
News about the Internet is everywhere. The reality, however, is that the Internet is neither a passing fad nor a false alarm. It is a dynamic new way for healthcare organizations to disseminate and retrieve information, conduct market research, communicate with broad provider networks, educate consumers and sell products and services.