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ertification mechanism for verifying the secure flow of information through a program. Because it exploits the properties of a lattice structure among security classes, the procedure is sufficiently simple that it can easily be included in the analysis phase of most existing compilers. Appropriate semantics are presented and proved correct. An important(More)
I never thought I would find a technical book that makes pleasant bedtime reading-I was wrong. This book is a joy to read, with page after page of "war stories" the author has collected over the years. (It isn't quite a "you cannot put it down page-turner" like a good mystery novel, but that is only because the average story is less than a page long. And(More)
Editors' abstract. Netwar is not mainly about technology—but good information technology sure makes a difference. In this chapter, Denning (Georgetown University) examines how activists, hacktivists, and cyberterrorists use the Internet, and what influence they have been able to exert on policymakers. Social activists seem the most effective of these netwar(More)