Dorothy Acton

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Acceleration of lymphomagenesis in oncogene-bearing transgenic mice by slow-transforming retroviruses has proven a valuable tool in identifying cooperating oncogenes. We have modified this protocol to search for genes that can collaborate effectively with the transgene in later stages of tumor development. Propagation of tumors induced by Moloney murine(More)
The mouse proto-oncogene Pim-1, which encodes two cytoplasmic serine-threonine-specific protein kinases, is frequently activated by proviral insertion in murine leukemia virus-induced hematopoietic tumors. Transgenic mice overexpressing Pim-1 show a low incidence of spontaneous T cell lymphomas, whereas null mutant mice lack an obvious phenotype. We have(More)
Insertional mutagenesis with Moloney murine leukemia virus (MoMLV) in c-myc and Pim-1 transgenic mice permits the identification of oncogenes that collaborate with the transgenes in lymphomagenesis. The recently identified common insertion site pal-1, in MoMLV-induced lymphomas, is located in a region in which several independent integration clusters are(More)
The present study investigates the relationship between mitochondrial activity and the expression of the BCL-2 gene in a panel of six human and murine leukemia/lymphoma cell lines. The cell lines all contained normal glucocorticoid receptors but differed widely in sensitivity to dexamethasone, ranging from very sensitive S49 lymphoma to completely resistant(More)
We have examined the role of the AP-1 transcription factor on thymocyte maturation and thymus architecture by overexpressing FosB2 in transgenic mice. FosB2 is a naturally occurring splice variant of the FosB2 gene, encoding a truncated protein which lacks two domains necessary for transcriptional activation. The expression of FosB2 in the thymocytes(More)
We have generated mice transgenic for a human MDR3 mini-gene, under control of a hamster vimentin promoter. Expression of the MDR3 transgene was found in mesenchymal tissues, peripheral nerves, and the eye lens. These MDR3 transgenic mice have a slowed motor nerve conduction and dysmyelination of their peripheral nerves. An extensive dysmyelination in some(More)
Overexpression of the bcl-2 oncogene in the lymphoid compartment of transgenic mice prolongs the lifespan of lymphocytes and leads to a low incidence of lymphomas at later age. Transgenic mice carrying a mutated T-cell receptor lacking the variable domain (deltaV-TCRbeta) suffer from lymphocyte depletion and are highly predisposed to lymphoma development.(More)
I liked this book a lot more than I thought I would. Its focus is on describing techniques to introduce and sustain the Team Software Process (TSP) in a software organization, but it goes beyond that. The approaches, practices and concerns it describes as useful for introducing TSP apply to almost any change initiative that you might undertake, and are(More)