Dorothee Schoemaker

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INTRODUCTION Familiarity has been associated with integrity of the rhinal cortex. Thus, impairment in familiarity is expected in very early stages of Alzheimer's disease (AD). The apolipoprotein E (APOE) ε4 allele is a major risk factor for AD. Here, we investigated the effect of the APOE ε4 status on familiarity in cognitively normal aging individuals. (More)
The volumetric quantification of brain structures is of great interest in pediatric populations because it allows the investigation of different factors influencing neurodevelopment. FreeSurfer and FSL both provide frequently used packages for automatic segmentation of brain structures. In this study, we examined the accuracy and consistency of those two(More)
Memory impairment is a central cognitive symptom in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer Disease (AD). Recognition tasks are often used to characterize and define the nature of memory deficits. Dual-process theories posit that familiarity and recollection are independently involved in the recognition of previously encountered material and both(More)
The purpose of this project was to evaluate white matter degeneration and its impact on hippocampal structural connectivity in patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment, non-amnestic mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease. We estimated white matter fractional anisotropy, mean diffusivity and hippocampal structural connectivity in two(More)
The advent of high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has enabled in vivo research in a variety of populations and diseases on the structure and function of hippocampal subfields and subdivisions of the parahippocampal gyrus. Because of the many extant and highly discrepant segmentation protocols, comparing results across studies is difficult. To(More)
After introducing the magnitude and costs of the problem of teenage pregnancy in the U.S., this review discusses the most important legal issues and court challenges against sex education and contraceptive services in schools. The U.S. teen pregnancy rate, even among whites, is the highest in the developed world, amounting to over 250,000 teen single(More)
Previous studies have identified a number of factors that contribute to improved cognitive function, and to memory function specifically, in cognitively normal individuals. One such factor, frequency of penile-vaginal intercourse (PVI), has been reported in a number of animal studies to be advantageous to memory for previously presented objects by(More)
INTRODUCTION The apolipoprotein E ε4 (APOE ε4) allele is a well-documented risk factor for Alzheimer's disease (AD). Accordingly, aging individuals carrying one or more ε4 alleles are at considerably greater risk of developing AD over time. In an effort to characterize early cognitive manifestations of AD, we previously outlined selective deficits in(More)