Dorothee Beermann

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We present a relatively large-scale initiative in high-quality MT based on semantic transfer, reviewing the motivation for this approach, general architecture and components involved, and preliminary experience from a first round of system integration (to be accompanied by a hands-on system demonstration, if appropriate). The translation problem is one(More)
The present paper develops a constraint-based mechanism within HPSG framework for composing Indo-Aryan compound verb (CV) constructions with special focus on Bangla CV sequences. Both the member verbs (V1 and V2) in a CV structure are semantically contentful. The combinatorial well-formedness of a CV structure depends on the semantic compatibility between(More)
Since the 1990s, more and more linguistic articles have been published in the framework of Construction Grammar. Although Kay and Fillmore (1999, p. 19) make it clear that Constructions are not necessarily phrasal, most of the authors suggest phrasal Constructions. This is especially apparent in Construction Grammar inspired studies in the HPSG framework.(More)
1 How many events? A key observation about serial verb constructions (SVCs) is that they express a single, perhaps complex, event rather than a series of distinct events a single serial verb complex describes what is conceptualized as a single event: this is repeatedly reported to be a clear intuition of native speakers, and can be demonstrated through(More)
e-Research explores the possibilities offered by ICT for science and technology. Its goal is to allow a better access to computing power, data and library resources. In essence e-Research is all about cyberstructure and being connected in ways that might change how we perceive scientific creation. The present work advocates open access to scientific data(More)
We present a linguistic application that uses web technologies to promote the reuse of research data in the form of Interlinear Glossed Text (IGT), which is a well-established data format within philol-ogy and the structural and generative fields of linguistics. Here we present the modules and procedures of the online database TypeCraft. 3 IGT is a sought(More)
We suggest a strategy for incremental construction of deep parsing grammars from Interlinear Glossed Text (IGT). IGT is a format of representation where standard linguistics and NLP in principle meet, since they are a data-type which is often available for digitally 'less resourced languages' ('LRL'). The IGT database is TypeCraft (Beermann and Mihaylov(More)