Dorothee Bayer

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Based on morphological and physiological observations, it has been suggested that differences exist in the degree that reticuloruminal (RR) contents are stratified between various ruminant species. However, the occurrence of stratification has hardly been measured in non-domestic species. Forestomach contents of free-ranging moose (n=22) and red deer (24)(More)
The stratification of reticulorumen (RR) contents has been described in domestic ruminants, but suspected to be absent in certain wild ruminant species. To investigate how such stratification could be quantified, we tested variables indicating stratification in three oxen with rumen cannulae, fed once daily for 3 h, one of three different forages (fresh(More)
In domestic ruminants, the stratification of forestomach contents - the results of flotation and sedimentation processes - is an important prerequisite for the selective particle retention in this organ. A series of anatomical and physiological measurements suggests that the degree of this stratification varies between browsing and grazing wild ruminants.(More)
Ventral photoreceptor cells bathed in an organ culture medium typically have resting potentials of -85 mV and membrane resistances of 35 Momega and, when dark-adapted, exhibit large potential fluctuations (LPFs) of 60 mV and small potential fluctuations (SPFs) of less than 30 mV. LPFs appear to be regenerative events triggered by SPFs, the well-known(More)
This report summarizes data obtained via a mailed questionnaire from 129 Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals regarding current practices in the care of central venous catheters (CVCs) used for total parenteral nutrition (TPN). The size of VA hospitals' acute medical-surgical beds ranged from 14 to 1320 (median 168) beds. Over 6000 patients(More)
INTRODUCTION An acute discontinuation of tizanidine, an alpha-2-agonistic muscle relaxant, is associated with reflex tachycardia, hypertension, tremor, hypertonicity and anxiety. CASE REPORT We describe a 53-year-old patient with broken-heart syndrome, who developed serious tizanidine withdrawal symptoms after high-dosed long-term treatment within the(More)
Lipoxygenase activity with linoleic acid as substrate and the immunologically detectable amount of lipoxygenase protein were estimated in the course of in vitro maturation of rabbit reticulocytes withdrawn at the sixth day of an experimental bleeding anaemia. With unseparated cell mixture there was a significant increase in the lipoxygenase activity of 67(More)
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