Dorothee Amelung

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This study explores the development of laypeople’s preferences for newly emerging climate engineering technology (CE). It examines whether laypeople perceive CE to be an acceptable back-up strategy (plan B) if current efforts to mitigate CO2 emissions were to fail. This idea is a common justification for CE research in the scientific debate and may(More)
BACKGROUND Attachment insecurity relates to the onset and course of chronic pain via dysfunctional reactions to pain. However, few studies have investigated the proportion of insecure attachment styles in different pain conditions, and results regarding associations between attachment, pain severity, and disability in chronic pain are inconsistent. This(More)
1. Bei Kaninchen wurde der Abfall der Aktivitäten im Serum nach intravenöser Applikation von 5 DPN-abhängigen Enzymen untersucht. Folgende Fermente wurden injiziert: Äpfelsäuredehydrogenase, Milchsäuredehydrogenase, Alkoholdehydrogenase, Glutaminsäuredehydrogenase und α-Glycerophosphatdehydrogenase. 2. Nach Einstellung eines Abflußgleichgewichtes folgte der(More)
Decision-makers in the context of climate politics are confronted with considerable uncertainties due to the complexities inherent in the relevant natural and social systems. Nonetheless, pressure on decision-makers to find solutions to dangerous climate change is rising due to the inertia in the climate system. Considering these pressures, technological(More)
BACKGROUND It is now universally acknowledged that climate change constitutes a major threat to human health. At the same time, some of the measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so-called climate change mitigation measures, have significant health co-benefits (e.g., walking or cycling more; eating less meat). The goal of limiting global warming to(More)