Dorothea L. Baxter-Grillo

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Bennett and Yphantis (1948) introduced into histochemistry the use of organic mercurials for the detection of sulphydryl groups. The new fluorescent method which is now reported is similarly based upon the reaction of mercaptans with an organic mercurial, fluorescein mercuric acetate (FMA). This method is sensitive; moreover it is not as elaborate as the(More)
Cellular and biochemical changes which occurred in the tissues of newborn mice infected with Mokola virus, a rabies-related virus (rhabdovirus group), were described. The virus was transmitted along the peripheral nerves and appeared in various tissues of the body, but did not replicate in any except the nervous system, where it manifested its gross(More)
The os penis reported in some species of the mammalian order was observed in the juvenile and adult penes of the friguvorous African bat, Eidolon helvum. The morphology of the os penis in Eidolon helvum differs from that observed in bat species and other mammalian order. In the adult form it is large, disc-shaped and located at the distal segment of the(More)