Dorothea Kleine

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Identifying the specific contribution of the use of ICTs to specific development goals has proven to be extremely difficult. This paper argues that instead of trying to make ICTs fit with a linear conceptualisation of impacts and an often economistic view of development, ICT4D should be used as a prime example of a development process which has to be(More)
Amartya Sen’s capability approach has become increasingly popular in development studies. This paper identifies controllability and operationalisability as two key stumbling blocks which prevent the capability approach from being used even more widely in development practice. It discusses the origins and application of the Choice Framework, a conceptual(More)
We report on spectroscopic real-time analysis of ethane traces in exhaled human breath. Ethane is considered the most important volatile marker of free-radical induced lipid peroxidation and cell damage in the human body. Our measurements were carried out by means of mid-infrared cavity leak-out spectroscopy in the 3 μm region, a cw variant of cavity(More)
This article describes the use of a performed persona as a device in cross-cultural design activities. The device serves to elicit knowledge and manage expectations in the context of participatory design workshops to explore the purpose and function of a tool for tracing the supply chain of ethical goods from producer to consumer. The use of the method with(More)
BACKGROUND Concerns over online health information-seeking behavior point to the potential harm incorrect, incomplete, or biased information may cause. However, systematic reviews of health information have found few examples of documented harm that can be directly attributed to poor quality information found online. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to(More)
We report on spectroscopic real-time detection of (13)CH(4) in ambient air. Our measurements were carried out by means of cavity leak-out absorption spectroscopy employing a tunable cw laser in the mid-infrared spectral region near lambda = 3 microm. A CO laser in combination with tunable microwave sideband generation was used as the light source. Using a(More)
This paper proposes a new approach to improving our understanding of the suitability of internet discussion forums for use by health information seekers. We consider in particular their potential use during public health emergencies when access to conventional experts and healthcare professionals may be constrained. We explore potential benefits and(More)
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