Dorothea Carey Bindman

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We present the case of a seventeen-year-old girl who presents with an interesting course of neuropsychiatric symptoms during several flares of SLE. The patient was diagnosed at the age of thirteen and has had four flares in total. The latter two flares included cutaneous and neuropsychiatric symptoms. The most recent flare occurred when she was aged(More)
This paper updates our previous review of the evidence base for managing depression in old age while focusing more specifically on the use of antidepressants. Overall, recent systematic reviews and meta-analyses indicate that antidepressants are effective in the acute treatment of depression in old age but that the superiority of active drug over placebo is(More)
DESCRIPTION A 43-year-old man was admitted to the intensive treatment unit with refractory status epilepticus. He was treated with intravenous benzodiazepines, phenytoin and levetiracetam. His EEG was consistent with status epilepticus. MRI of the brain showed a high signal change in T2-weighted images (not suppressed on fluid-attenuated inversion recovery(More)
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