Dorothea A. Klip

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Exploiting the structure of the 2-dimensional sorting problem associated with the polynomial product has been the strategy in the design of certain algorithms which are faster for a large class of problems than those found in the literature. First a parallel is drawn between GEN-MULT and Horowitz’s SORTMULT algorithm [A sorting algorithm ]’or polynomial(More)
A listprocessing system which allows assignment of cells of any length, expressed in a discrete number of computer words, is proposed for a wider range of problems than just for the algebraic manipulation systems for which it was designed. Erasure of lists is done while preserving contiguity of space by means of an internal and external linkage technique. A(More)
A new algorithm for integer Greatest Common Divisor calculations has recently been proposed. Although the algorithm can be applied to integers in any base b > 2, it is conjectured to be optimal for b=30, when embedded in a system for symbol manipulation. Representation of the digits in factored form further facilitates the GCD procedure. When choosing(More)
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