Dorothée Hefner

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In this paper, identification with a game character is discussed as mechanism of computer game enjoyment. Identification is explicated in terms of players’ altered self-perception during game play: When identifying with a character or role offered by the game, players change their self-concept by adopting relevant attributes of the character, for instance,(More)
Stimulation of Aplysia bag cell neurons triggers elevation of cAMP and prolonged secretion of ELH neuropeptide. Using video-enhanced microscopy to track individual organelle movements in bag cell neurons, we find that organelle translocation consists of periods of movement interrupted by stationary episodes. cAMP elevation leads to a 2- to 3-fold(More)
An experiment (N = 74) was conducted to investigate the impact of game difficulty and player performance on game enjoyment. Participants played a First Person Shooter game with systematically varied levels of difficulty. Satisfaction with performance and game enjoyment were assessed after playing. Results are not fully in line with predictions derived from(More)
Identifying with video game characters is one potentially important process in game enjoyment. Based on a theoretical model of video game identification as transformed self-perception, cognitive processes in video game identification were explored. An experiment with N = 60 male players revealed that increased cognitive accessibility of character-related(More)
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