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Global Rules and Private Actors - Towards a New Role of the Transnational Corporation in Global Governance
We discuss the role that transnational corporations (TNCs) should play in developing global governance, creating a framework of rules and regulations for the global economy. The central issue isExpand
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Organizing Corporate Social Responsibility in Small and Large Firms: Size Matters
Based on the findings of a qualitative empirical study of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Swiss MNCs and SMEs, we suggest that smaller firms are not necessarily less advanced in organizingExpand
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Democratizing Corporate Governance
This article addresses the democratic deficit that emerges when private corporations engage in public policy, either by providing citizenship rights and global public goods (corporate citizenship) orExpand
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Industry-Specific Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives that Govern Corporate Human Rights Standards – Legitimacy Assessments of the Fair Labor Association and the Global Network Initiative
Multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs) are increasingly used as a default mechanism to address human rights challenges in a variety of industries. MSI is a designation that covers a broad range ofExpand
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Business and Human Rights: From Principles to Practice
The nature and extent of the societal roles, responsibilities and impacts of business and investment activity are subjects of increasing popular and political scrutiny and debate. Scholars ofExpand
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Closing Governance Gaps in Bangladesh's Garment Industry – The Power and Limitations of Private Governance Schemes
Private governance schemes have become a default response for regulating governance gaps, situations in which government actors are neither able nor willing to provide basic human rights for theirExpand
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Managing Institutional Complexity: A Longitudinal Study of Legitimacy Strategies at a Sportswear Brand Company
AbstractMultinational corporations are operating in complex business environments. They are confronted with contradictory institutional demands that often represent mutually incompatible expectationsExpand
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Managing Corporate Legitimacy: A Toolkit
1. Global rules - private actors: The role of the MNC in global governance 1.1. MNCs in global governance 1.2. Research gaps 1.3. Aim of the research 1.4. Structure of the research 2. Mapping theExpand
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The Organizational Implementation of Corporate Citizenship: An Assessment Tool and its Application at UN Global Compact Participants
The corporate citizenship (CC) concept introduced by Dirk Matten and Andrew Crane has been well received. To this date, however, empirical studies based on this concept are lacking. In this article,Expand
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MNEs and the UN Global Compact: An Empirical Analysis of the Organizational Implementation of Corporate Citizenship
The UN Global Compact (UNGC) is the largest “corporate citizenship” (CC) initiative in the world. Almost 5000 companies have signed the initiative whereby they voluntarily commit themselves to adhereExpand
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