Dorota Wilk-Kolodziejczyk

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Rough logic and rough sets theory are mainly devoted to analysis of incomplete, uncertain, and inconsistent data. An exploited in the article result of the theory is the so-called rough information system that gives a model for dealing with the situation in which some real objects are represented ambiguously via defined approximation (alternatives of values(More)
The paper presents an expert system based on Logic of Plausible Reasoning (LPR). This formalism reflects human ways of knowledge representation and reasoning. The knowledge is modeled using several kinds of formulas representing statements, hierarchies, similarities, dependencies and implications. Several types of inference patterns are defined. Knowledge(More)
The intention of this work is to show how logic of plausible reasoning (LPR) can be successfully used for solving complex decision problems. In the following sections a decision involve the use of LPR is described, and then its operation was illustrated on the example of an expertize concerning the choice of technology for making metal products. A knowledge(More)
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