Dorota Kusior

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We investigated the influence of hypochlorite (HOCl/OCl-) on plasma fibronectin (Fn) aggregation and examined an affinity of Fn aggregates to Fn specific antibodies. Human plasma Fn HOCl/OCl(-)-mediated modification was monitored with differential OD method and with measurements of tryptophan fluorescence followed by acrylamide quenching of tryptophan(More)
It has been reported, that sulphoacetalhehyde is formed in the fagocytozing PMNs and its production is taurine monochloramine mediated. Since H2O2 and secreted MPO are present in the medium the non- and enzymatic peroxidation of taurine of its mono- and dichloramines were examined within the pH range 5.3–7.4. The formation of sulphoacetaldehyde was observed(More)
This exercise for students will allow them to simultaneously observe lipid peroxidation and consequent hemolysis of rat erythrocytes and the effect of sodium azide, a catalase inhibitor, on these processes. It will also demonstrate a protective action of antioxidants, the therapeutically used N-acetylcysteine and albumins present in plasma.
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