Dorota Bielińska-Wąż

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BACKGROUND The recent epidemic of Zika virus infections in South and Latin America have raised serious concern on its ramifications for the population in the Americas and spread of the virus worldwide. The Zika virus disease is a relatively new phenomenon for which sufficient and comprehensive data and investigative reports have not been available to date.(More)
A new 3D graphical representation of DNA sequences is introduced. This representation is called 3D-dynamic representation. It is a generalization of the 2D-dynamic dynamic representation. The sequences are represented by sets of "material points" in the 3D space. The resulting 3D-dynamic graphs are treated as rigid bodies. The descriptors characterizing the(More)
A new method of comparison of protein sequences has been formulated. The sequence of amino acids is represented by a set of point masses in a 20D space. The distribution of points in the space is obtained by applying the method of a walk in the 20D space. Projections of the 20D representation into 2D or 3D spaces illustrate the distribution of particular(More)
Similarity/dissimilarity analysis of DNA sequences is performed using 3D-dynamic representation. The sequences are represented by material points in a 3D-space. Descriptors related to such 3D-dynamic graphs are calculated. A new normalized similarity measure is introduced for a comparison of the sequences. The method is applied to β-globin (HBB) genes of(More)
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