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During a program's runtime, the stack and data segments of the main memory often contain much redundancy, which makes them good candidates for compression. Compression and decompression however require either extra hardware or substantial processing resources. This paper presents a new approach in which a mostly software solution is suggested but without(More)
Xenon short-arc discharge lamps exhibit ultrahigh radiance with substantial emission beyond the visible, primarily in the near infrared. Their radiance distributions are spatially and angularly inhomogeneous due to both the structure of the plasma arc and the infrared radiation from the electrodes. These characteristics are favorable for high-irradiance(More)
Recycling light back into a plasma lamp's radiant zone can enhance its radiance. Measurements are reported for the effectiveness, spectral properties and modified plasma radiance maps that result from light recycling with a specular hemispherical mirror in commercial 150 W ultrabright Xenon short-arc discharge lamps, motivated by projection, biomedical and(More)
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