Doron Kopelman

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BACKGROUND Previous published clinical observations claim that Gastrografin, a hyperosmolar gastrointestinal water-soluble contrast agent, speeds the resolution of postoperative ileus, barium impaction ileus, adhesive small-bowel obstruction, and intestinal obstruction caused by parasites and bezoars. However, no objective data exist that support the(More)
OBJECTIVE To define the correct time to remove the drain after axillary dissection for carcinoma of the breast. DESIGN Prospective randomised trial. SETTING Two public hospitals, Israel. SUBJECTS 90 women who required axillary dissection for carcinoma of the breast. INTERVENTIONS 42 were randomised to have the drain removed on postoperative day 3,(More)
BACKGROUND Magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound surgery (MRgFUS) is a noninvasive thermal ablation technique, shown to be clinically effective in the treatment of uterine fibroids and is being evaluated as a method of thermal ablation of benign and malignant breast tumors. To evaluate the safety and initial efficacy of MRgFUS for the palliation of(More)
BACKGROUND Upper thoracoscopic sympathectomy, obtained either by ablation or resection of the appropriate ganglia, is now the preferred treatment for primary palmar hyperhidrosis. Therefore, we undertook a review to compare the relative efficacy of these two techniques. METHODS A Medline search was performed for the years 1974-99 to identify all published(More)
A number of minimally invasive methods have been tested for the thermal ablation of liver tumors as an alternative to surgical resection. The use of focused ultrasound transducers to ablate deep tumors offers the first completely noninvasive alternative to these techniques. By increasing the flexibility of this technology with modern phased-array transducer(More)
Generations of investigators have attempted to achieve compression bowel anastomosis by a sutureless device, providing temporary support to the tissue and facilitating the natural healing process. The biocompatibility of nickel–titanium alloy has made it attractive for use in medical implants and devices, and several studies have described the creation of a(More)
BACKGROUND Reports on intrapleural analgesia (IPA) are conflicting. The current study assessed the effect of a single-dose thoracoscopic bilateral intrapleural anesthetic administration on the immediate postoperative recovery room and 24-h pain control. METHODS Fifty patients with primary palmar hyperhidrosis were randomly classified into two groups to(More)
Primary palmar hyperhidrosis is a functionally and socially disabling condition. Upper thoracic sympathectomy is the best curative treatment. Several surgical approaches have been suggested and, recently, less invasive techniques have been communicated. To evaluate which method is the best, the short- and particularly the long-term results must be compared.(More)