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Abstrad-Statecharts have been proposed recently as a visual formalism for the behavioral description of complex systems. They extend classical state-diagrams in several ways, while retaining their formality and visual nature. In this paper we first argue that statecharts can be beneficially used as a behavioral hardware description language. We illustrate(More)
We report on a study to determine the maturity of different verification and validation technologies (V&V) on a representative example of NASA flight software. The study consisted of a controlled experiment where three technologies (static analysis, runtime analysis and model checking) were compared to traditional testing with respect to their ability to(More)
Software testing is typically an ad hoc process where human testers manually write many test inputs and expected test results, perhaps automating their execution in a regression suite. This process is cumbersome and costly. This paper reports preliminary results on an approach to further automate this process. The approach consists of combining automated(More)