Dorit Kloss

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To get information about the reactivity profile of the donor-stabilized guanidinatosilicon(II) complexes 2 and 3, a series of oxidative addition reactions was studied. Treatment of 2 and 3 with S8, Se, or Te afforded the respective four-coordinate silicon(IV) complexes 8-10 and 12-14, which contain an SiN3 El skeleton (El = S, Se, Te) with an Si=El double(More)
The donor-stabilized silylene 2 (the first bis(guanidinato)silicon(II) complex) reacts with the transition-metal carbonyl complexes [M(CO)6 ] (M=Cr, Mo, W) to form the respective silylene complexes 7-10. In the reactions with [M(CO)6 ] (M=Cr, Mo, W), the bis(guanidinato)silicon(II) complex 2 behaves totally different compared with the analogous(More)
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