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A Meta-Analysis of the International Gender Wage Gap
Since the early seventies, hundreds of authors have calculated gender wage differentials between women and men of equal productivity. Consequently, estimates for the gender wage gap have beenExpand
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Is it Sex or Personality? The Impact of Sex-Stereotypes on Discrimination in Applicant Selection
This paper investigates whether women have less access to attractive, traditionally male jobs because their sex-stereotypical personality does not fit the job. If women as a group are assumed not toExpand
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Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Hiring
Little research has been done to examine discrimination against gays and lesbians in the labor market. Badgett (1995) was the first to investigate labor market outcomes of gays and lesbians using aExpand
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Sexual orientation discrimination in hiring
Little research has been done to examine discrimination against gays and lesbians in the labor market. Wage regressions have documented lower incomes for gays but repeatedly showed higher incomes forExpand
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An International Study
Two very different approaches are used to explore the relation between market orientation and gender wage differentials in international data. More market orientation might be related to gender wageExpand
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Does Competition Enhance Performance or Cheating? A Laboratory Experiment
In this paper we experimentally test whether competing for a desired reward does not only affect individuals’ performance, but also their tendency to cheat. Recent doping scandals in sports as wellExpand
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Sex, romance and the carnivalesque between female tourists and Caribbean men
In this paper I examine interviews with female travelers who have been involved with Caribbean males during their holidays in Trinidad and Tobago and suggest that their experiences can best beExpand
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Discrimination Against Female Migrants Wearing Headscarves
Germany is currently experiencing a high influx of Muslim migrants. From a policy perspective, integration of migrants into the labor market is crucial. Hence, a field experiment was conducted thatExpand
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The Effects of Competition and Equal Treatment Laws on Gender Wage Differentials
This paper evaluates the impact of economic and legal variables on wage differentials between men and women. Since Becker (1957) economists have argued that competitive markets eliminateExpand
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Testing for Discrimination Against Lesbians of Different Marital Status: A Field Experiment
In this paper, a correspondence testing experiment is conducted to examine sexual orientation discrimination against lesbians in Germany. Applications for four fictional female characters are sentExpand
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