Doris Verónica Ortega-Altamirano

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Obesity represents a major public health problem worldwide. In Mexico, overweight and obesity have increased dramatically, affecting 26% of school-aged children. The aim of this study was to explore perceptions and practices of key obesity determinants among parents of preschool children attending child care centers. METHODS We(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop an effective strategy to inform Mexican women between 12 and 47 years of age about breast cancer (BC) and train them to perform breast self-examination (BSE). MATERIAL AND METHODS Between April, 1996 and July, 1998, two different strategies to teach BSE were designed and evaluated in Cuernavaca, State of Morelos, Mexico. These(More)
BACKGROUND Factors associated with violence and the abuse of older adults are understudied and its prevalence in Mexico has not been reported. The aim of this study was to identify the prevalence and factors associated with violence and abuse of older adults in Mexico. METHODS We used Mexico's 2012 National Health and Nutrition Survey, which included a(More)
The role that human resources for health should play in future stages of the Mexican Health System reform is discussed. The following dimensions are considered to guide the discussion: the orientation of training, the institutions responsible for training, the mechanisms to link graduates to health institutions and the ways health workers should respond to(More)
The abuse of older adults is a serious public health issue that can be difficult to identify at the first level of care. Medical and nursing personnel are sometimes unable to identify older adults who suffer family mistreatment. This can occur when victims feel shame or as a result of cultural factors. In the light of this, healthcare personnel require a(More)
OBJECTIVE In 2009, 4 749 rapid HIV tests were run in Morelos, Mexico, despite lacking evidence on their results. This article seeks to analyze how public health organization relates to utility of rapid HIV test among healthcare users. MATERIALS AND METHODS Joint study: comparison of differences in applied test and positive results for each group with the(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify dominant and preferred organizational culture models at second level nursing services in Morelos. MATERIAL AND METHODS A cross-sectional study was conducted between April and June, 2008. Nursing caregivers from Public Health Services of Morelos State participated. We gathered and analyzed data about socioeconomic characteristics and(More)
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