Doris Schumann

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Articular cartilage possesses little capacity for endogenous repair after having been damaged by disease or trauma. Various surgical procedures depending on ingrowth of mesenchymal stem cells into the defects showed repair with fibrocartilage which is of minor quality and less resistant against physical forces. New treatment options using Tissue Engineering(More)
In the present study, a porcine model for controlled skin expansion was investigated to improve our understanding of epidermal and vascular responses following stretching. The model is of outstanding importance not only for the clinical use of tissue expansion but provides interesting data for skin physiology and oncology, too. Thirteen out of 15 animals,(More)
This study examined the effects of low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) on human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells undergoing chondrogenic differentiation. Aggregates of mesenchymal stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells seeded in three dimensional matrices were cultured in a defined chondrogenic medium and subjected to LIPUS for the first 7 days(More)
The O2 cost of breathing in fishes was studied in the tench (Tinca tinca). In fish lightly anaesthetised with urethane the respiratory water flowing out of the gills was measured by means of a chamber enclosing the gill slits. From the respiratory water flow and from the polarographically determined difference in O2 tension between inspired and expired(More)
Das palliativ-medizinische Konzept bei Tumoren des oberen Aerodigestivtrakts hat sich in den letzten Jahren durch den Einsatz des CO2-Lasers und den modernen Möglichkeiten der Therapie mit unterschiedlichen Stents wesentlich geändert. Das hat nicht nur für den klinisch tätigen Kollegen, sondern auch für die hausärztliche und pflegerische Betreuung eine(More)
Frozen sections of human gingiva and skin, fixed in acetone, were subjected to limited enzyme digestion (neuraminidase, proteinase K, trypsin) or, respectively, the application of solvents (chloroform/methanol, triton X-100) to allow a partial characterization of epithelial lectin binding sites. Gingiva differs from normal skin in that more conA-binding(More)