Doris Leikam

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The development of vaccine components or recombinant therapeutics critically depends on sustained expression of the corresponding transgene. This study aimed to determine the contribution of intragenic CpG content to expression efficiency in transiently and stably transfected mammalian cells. Based upon a humanized version of green fluorescent protein (GFP)(More)
Three cone index (CI) penetration probes recorded to a depth of 76.2 cm (30 in.) and a soil sample was collected and analyzed for moisture content at 81 locations along a transect measuring approximately 323 m (1060 ft) in length. An average maize plant yield was assigned to each location based on hand harvested ears. The three probes at each location were(More)
Protein production in cells is dependent on various factors including the underlying nucleotide sequence. Gene optimization is dedicated to improve the expression properties of transgenes by codon adaptation to the individual host, increasing RNA production, stability and nuclear export. However, most gene optimization strategies depend on codon usage(More)
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