Doris Kemler

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Previous studies have shown that young normal children use similarity relations as a predominant basis for classification, whereas older children use dimensional relations. Experiment 1 shows that similarity relations are systematically used by normal preschoolers and by retarded preadolescents for classification. Experiment 2 suggests that their tendency(More)
With practice, do distracting stimuli lose their ability to distract? In a series of experiments, subjects practiced counting digits, a task subject to Stroop-type interference, and then were tested in a variety of transfer conditions. The results indicate that digits do lose their ability to distract as a result of practice but that this loss is highly(More)
  • D G Kemler
  • Journal of experimental child psychology
  • 1983
Some observations that can be described conveniently by investigators in terms of dimensional sensitivity and dimensional salience actually need not implicate the psychological reality of the dimensions for the subjects. The developmental hypothesis that stimuli are perceived often as integral in early childhood can account for such phenomena only with the(More)
A series of studies investigated how stimulus integrality and separability impact the cognitive accessibility of similarity and dimensional relations. A good deal of previous work has established that stimulus integrality and separability differentially determine perception; here, the question is whether they also have differential effects on conception.(More)
Cold water immersion is an integral part of acute injury care. Despite tremendous success, the treatment causes discomfort, which may result in noncompliance. Two variables, including use of a neoprene toe cap and prior knowledge of the perceived sensations of pain gained through a therapeutic modalities class, were examined for their effects on the(More)
During infection of cells by Legionella pneumophila, the bacterium secretes a large number of effector proteins into the host cell cytoplasm, allowing it to alter many cellular processes and make the vacuole and the host cell into more hospitable environments for bacterial replication. One major change induced by infection is the recruitment of ER-derived(More)
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