Doris Keitel-Schulz

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0740-7475/01/$10.00 © 2001 IEEE May–June 2001 AFTER BUILDING A NICHE over the past several years, application markets for one-chip integration of large DRAMs and logic circuits are growing rapidly. The transition to 0.17-μm technologies will offer customers more than 100 Mbits of embedded DRAM and some million gates of logic on the same piece of silicon.(More)
Both the number of embedded memories, as well as the total embedded memory content inour chips is growing steadily. Time for chip designers, EDA makers, and test engineers to update their knowledge on memories. This Hot Topic paper provides an embedded tutorial on embedded memories, in terms of what is new and coming versus what is old and vanishing, and(More)
3D integration offers numerous opportunities for design, and is probably the best hope for carrying ICs along (and even beyond) the path of Moore's Law in the 21st century. However, many questions still need to be answered to take advantage of 3D. First, what will become the mainstream 3D technology? Today, many technology options are proposed, but each(More)
Selling and using IPs seems to be the perfect solution for improving design productivity. However, IP business models may not have adequate infrastructures with which to flourish. This talk will elaborate on new design styles, modeling guidelines, methodologies, and CAD tools needed for successful reuse. Issues in Embedded DRAM Development and Applications(More)
First, background will be provided on embedded DRAM process, circuit and market issues. The term system-on-silicon has been used to denote the integration of random logic, processor cores, SRAMs, ROMs, and analog components on the same die. But up to recently, one major component had been missing: high-density DRAMs. Today's technologies allow the(More)
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